Welcome to my photography website!
I am a photographer from San Luis Obispo, CA, and I first picked up a DSLR in my senior year of high school when taking a digital photography course. Having taken another course at my university, I now enjoy taking pictures of people, places, machines, and anything else that catches my eye. 
Outside of photography, I am an aerospace engineering student concentrating in astronautics at California Polytechnic State University. I recently enrolled in the blended program, meaning that I am working towards both my B.S. and M.S. concurrently. I work in the Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Machine Shops as a Senior Technician and act as the Woodshop Supervisor. To stay active, I enjoy rock climbing, playing racquetball, playing ultimate frisbee, and cycling. In my free time, I dedicate much of my life to music — I perform with the Cal Poly Mustang Band, Symphony, and Wind Ensemble.
If you're interested in scheduling a shoot, desire a print, or just need to reach me, please head on over to the "Contact" tab. Otherwise, please feel free to browse the tabs that showcase various subjects in my collections! -Christian C.
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